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PROJECT: Future Climate For Africa Applied Research Fund: Economics, political economy and behavioural science study

Project Reference: RAGL-0004c

This project analysed and identified the types of development decisions that should be actively accounting for future (10 years +) climate in decisions taken today, and reviewed barriers to achieving this. The main objective was to provide quantitative evidence of adaptation strategies that can help to inform decisions made by development practitioners in Africa.

The study established:

  • Where and how long-lived policies, investments and plans might differ if future climate change is considered.
  • The economic case on the risk of lock-in of capital/investment to future climate over the next few decades in Africa – and whether this might justify higher levels of climate “proofing” today.
  • An increased evidence base, through practical case studies, on long-term climate risk management in investment and policy decisions

The study was commissioned to inform the Future Climate for Africa programme (FCFA) and was carried out by the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP) and Vivid Economics.

About FCFA: Future Climate For Africa is a  £20 million 5-year programme jointly funded by the UK Department for International Development (DfID) and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). It aims to support world-leading research to enhance scientific understanding and prediction of extreme weather and climate in sub-Saharan Africa, and working with African stakeholders, bring this science into use in informing adaptation to climate change. For more information, visit the FCFA website.

Funding:  £65,000

Time Frame: February 2015 – September 2015


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