PROJECT: Enriching journalistic coverage of climate and development

PROJECT: Enriching journalistic coverage of climate and development

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Tags: COP16, journalism, media

CDKN commissioned Inter Press Service (IPS) to produce a series of news articles on climate and development issues in the run up to COP16 in Cancun, Mexico, in December 2010.  The aim was to encourage more balanced and in-depth coverage of climate and development in the media, and to showcase stories of what is happening on the ground as countries come to terms with the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change.

Sixteen experienced journalists, most of them from developing countries, submitted stories.  Topics range from news on glacier melt in the Himalayas to efforts to measure and control methane emissions from beef cattle in Colombia.  Stories on Latin America appeared in both Spanish and English versions.

Articles were distributed through the extensive IPS network, which reaches out to a wide range of print and online media, and many individual web users.  Spanish language articles appeared via the IPS Tierramérica website.  The CDKN-sponsored articles can be accessed on the IPS Climate South page.  They also appear on the CDKN website, where they are identified as resources ‘from our content partner IPS’.

Photo credit: Internews Network.