Project : Climate-proofing energy systems and policies in Cameroon and Togo

Project : Climate-proofing energy systems and policies in Cameroon and Togo

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Countries: Africa, Cameroon, Togo

There are numerous initiatives that look at energy security and access, or how to reduce energy’s carbon footprint. Yet there is a startling lack of resources to help decision-makers devise energy policies and measures that both meet ecodevelopment (sustainable and equitable development) objectives, and take into consideration possible impacts from changing climatic conditions.

In response, HELIO International has developed a tool called TIPEE that allows policy makers to check how well national energy policies are contributing to ecodevelopment under fluctuating weather conditions. TIPEE consists of a methodology and a series of 24 easy-to-calculate indicators that are grouped into seven categories:

  • environment
  • social
  • economic
  • technical
  • governance
  • vulnerability
  • resilience

In 2011, national teams from Cameroon and Togo, comprised of personnel from the energy and environment ministries and from civil society, applied the TIPEE tool and outlined recommendations to begin climate-proofing national energy policies.

To ensure that the corresponding national-level policy makers had the capacity to analyse the results and transform these results into appropriate policies and relevant measures, HELIO International led two capacity training workshops with support from CDKN in Cameroon (April 18-19) and Togo (April 24-25).

The workshops had three objectives:

  • To help policy makers understand why climate vulnerabilities and ecodevelopment objectives are (or are not) included in the country’s current energy policies
  • To show how to use the results from the national TIPEE analysis to integrate the objectives of climate resilience and ecodevelopment into future policies and decisions
  • To demonstrate how to use publicly-available information to climate-proof energy policies that support ecodevelopment

A guide for energy policy makers was developed as a supporting tool.  This guide summarises the TIPEE tool and outlines how to reinforce the institutional capacity of a country for implementing climate-proofed energy policies that support ecodevelopment.

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CDKN funding: £44,000

Image courtesy of HELIO International