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PROJECT: Using climate compatible development principles in African agricultural research and advisory services

Project Reference: RSGL-0018C

This research investigated ways in which ideas and principles of climate compatible development (CCD) are being used by agricultural research and advisory services across Africa, and reasons why this uptake has not been greater. It identified practical strategies of information management and capacity-building.

The research therefore examined the prospects for ‘climate compatible agricultural knowledge management’. This is seen as agricultural knowledge management that maximises the opportunities for the rural poor to adapt to climate change and climate variability, to contribute to climate change mitigation, and to be properly recompensed for the costs they bear in both adaptation and mitigation. Climate compatible agricultural knowledge management cannot be divorced from the broader context of agricultural development.

The key methods of research and action were:

  • a survey of, and an e-conference for, key decision-makers in national agricultural research and advisory systems, to arrive at common understandings of CCD and a preliminary assessment of uptake and major issues
  • in-depth studies in four countries with positive experiences of mainstreaming CCD into agricultural research or advisory services. These studies will involve interviews, focus group discussions, and workshops with staff at various levels in research and advisory organisations (governmental, university-based and non-governmental) as well as stakeholders in agricultural development and rural governance. Community-level reflective fieldwork will take place in two to three locations per country involving farmers, local research and advisory staff, local government, and the private sector.
  • discussion of findings with stakeholders in a series of local and country-level and continent-wide workshops and e-forums.

The project was funded by CDKN’s pilot research grant.

Project resources and outputs:

Lead investigator:

Prof. John Morton (United Kingdom, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich)

Partners and Partner organisations:

–        Myra Wopereis-Pura (Ghana, Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa)

–        Dan Kisauzi (Uganda, African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services)

Image: Man shows harvested corn. Kenya. Photo © Curt Carnemark – World Bank


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Project Highlights

REPORT: Exploring the linkages and guiding concepts relevant to Climate Change, Agriculture and Development: A Detailed Resource

This paper, Exploring the linkages and guiding concepts relevant to Climate Change, Agriculture and Development: A Detailed Resource, explores the linkages between climate change, agriculture and development. It reviews and analyses the relevance of key climate change concepts which currently inform thinking and interventions relating to agriculture and overall development pathways.