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PROJECT: Acting on Adaptation in the Hydro-Electricity Sector

Project Reference: TAAS-0045

Hydro-electric is the main contributor to the overall Nepal electricity generation mix. CDKN’s project on the Economic Impact Assessments of Climate Change in Nepal identified the hydro-electricity sector as being at risk from climate change impacts, and identified a significant lack of adaptation capacity within the sector. This has a direct impact on the country’s growth and poverty reduction potential.

CDKN is addressing this issue by identifying exactly where and how adaptation action should be taken, and exploring the wider enabling environment for mainstreaming adaptation in the hydro-electricity sector. The project will provide the Ministry of Energy, Government of Nepal with stronger and more targeted evidence on the current and future impacts of climate change on the hydro-electricity sector. The focus of the project is to identify what is required to mainstream adaptation to the impacts of climate change by improving the evidence base and enabling environment for the hydro-electricity sector.

The Project aims to achieve the following:

  • Develop an evidence base on the vulnerability of the hydro-electricity sector from the impacts of climate change to make a strong case for the climate compatible development benefits of adaptation actions.
  • Identify adaptation options for the hydro-electricity sector which are viable and which will improve the resilience and productivity of the sector for the benefit of Nepal’s growth and poverty reduction targets.
  • Understand and address institutional challenges to mainstreaming adaptation to the impacts of climate change in the hydro-electricity sector
  • Make all decision-makers involved in the hydro-electricity understand and accept the need for adaptation action in the hydro-electricity sector

CDKN Funding: £381,000

Project Manager: Hammad Raza (

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Project Highlights

OPINION: Why greater private sector engagement is necessary in Nepal’s hydro-electricity sector?

Prof. Dr. Govind Nepal, member of the apex planning body of the Government of Nepal, the National Planning Commission (NPC), answers some pressing questions on the importance of close linkages between the private sector and policy makers in adaptation to climate change at a mini-workshop organised as part of the CDKN supported ‘Adaptation to Climate Change in Hydro-electricity Sector in Nepal’ project.