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PROJECT: A Green Guide to align political and social contexts for green and inclusive growth

Project Reference: RSGL-0019B

This Green Guide project took forward the notion of ‘greening’ as a process and not just an outcome, focusing on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. This goes to the heart of development planning by positioning the twinned issues of the green economy and climate change as an opportunity for equitable and inclusive development. The project tackled questions such as where to start?what next? and how to make this work for the poor?, taking a step towards ’climate-proofing’ policy and the mainstreaming of climate compatible development (CCD) in practice.

Project outputs and resources:

Lead: Leisa Perch (International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, UNDP)

Project Partners: Paul Msoma (SADC Parliamentary Forum); Adeolu Odusote (Independent Consultant); Md Taher (Independent Consultant); Andrew Bilski (Independent Consultant)

CDKN Funding: £80,000

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Project Highlights