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In September 2011, the UK government announced the launch of an initiative to support developing countries in international climate talks. This is being managed by CDKN as the Climate Window of the Advocacy Fund.

CDKN’s vision is that international climate change processes and agreements should reflect and respond to the positions and challenges articulated by the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries. We are working to help the leaders and negotiators of these countries to become informed, skilled, active, networked and influential actors in the international climate change talks. Only when they have a strong voice and can bring their influence to this international stage will more robust, progressive and equitable outcomes be possible for all parties.

This vision has, in part, been achieved through the agreement of the 2015 Paris deal to work towards an ambitious 1.5 degree Celsius target for global warming. This agreement reflects the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable countries. The next phase of international climate negotiations is to agree the rules of the Paris Agreement and implement this domestically through Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

In support of this vision, CDKN:

  1. Provides legal and technical support to inform negotiation positions and related policies
  2. Supports least developed and most climate vulnerable countries’ meaningful participation in international climate talks and related meetings
  3. Improves negotiators’ access to information on climate issues.
  4. Facilitates training and capacity-building for negotiations teams