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EVENT: What are the prospects for scaling and replicating pilot climate services in Africa?

Currently a number of initiatives are piloting the experimental delivery of novel climate services or supporting “one off” or short-term project interventions in Africa. What are the emerging prospects for turning these experimental research / pilot interventions in Africa into delivery of wider and more sustained services? This is the question that the Future Climate for Africa programme and SouthSouthNorth, will address during a working breakfast.

The event is being hosted alongside the Fifth International Conference on Climate Services (ICCS-5) conference in Cape Town. This event will give participants an opportunity to discuss emergent challenges and opportunities at moving the delivery of climate services in various African contexts from a pilot / experimental or demonstration phase to operationalising on a wider or more sustained scale.

Presenters will share African case studies to highlight key opportunities, challenges and learning that may inform wider work, particularly with regards to the replication or scaling up of interventions.  The aim is a provocative and exploratory discussion (moving beyond generic feedback) about the prospects for operationalising climate services more widely across Africa and different strategies being explored to this end.

  • Date: Wednesday, 1 March
  • Time: 8:00 – 9:00 am 
  • Location: Lagoon Beach Hotel, Library, Cape Town
  • Session lead: Julio Araujo (SouthSouthNorth) 

Breakfast, tea and coffee will be served.

To register, please contact Julio Araujo.

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