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EVENT: Join CDKN for a discussion on ‘What next for the IPCC’?

CDKN will be hosting a special session at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) on 7th February 2015 on what and how the IPCC should focus on.

During 2013-14 the IPCC released it’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) providing a stark message to the world that climate change is worsening, and actions on both mitigation and adaptation are falling short of what is required.

CDKN has an ongoing partnership with the IPCC to support the dissemination and outreach of its work in developing countries across the world. This has included developing an ‘AR5 Toolkit’ and distilling the key messages for different regions of the world in easy-to-ready Summary Reports. In addition, a number of national and sub-national outreach events are underway and planned to ensure the report reaches policy-makers, practitioners and researchers and made accessible and relevant to their priorities.

With the Synthesis Report now published, the IPCC is beginning to reflect on what should be the next priority for the intergovernmental panel. There have been a number of lessons learnt from the AR5 process, and discussions taking place on whether the same format should be replicated in the future, or a new approach considered.

The DSDS is a perfect opportunity to convene a group of highly influential and informed experts to discuss what next for the IPCC. This refers to both what the IPCC should be focusing on, and whether their ways of working and approach should change.

As such CDKN and TERI are organizing a special session at the DSDS on 7th February, 11.00 – 13.00 titled ‘What Next for the IPCC’? The session will be an innovative and interactive format, with an inner roundtable of 10-15 ‘experts’ from across the world, including IPCC lead authors and those closely associated with the work of the panel, as well those who are the intended ‘user’ of the IPCC’s work, including government.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • HE Abg Manuel Gerardo Pedro Pulgar-Vidal Otaìlora, Minister of Environment, Peru
  • Dr. Navroz Dubash, Senior Fellow, CPR / AR5 Synthesis Report Lead Author
  • Mr. Perses Billimoria, Founder & CEO – Earthsoul India Private Limited
  • Dr Araya Asfaw, Executive Director, Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre & Network, Ethiopia
  • Gyan Chandra Acharya, LDCs representative at the UN
  • Dr. Pradeep Monga, Director, Energy and Climate Change, UNIDO, Austria
  • Mr. Dirk Fransaer, VITO
  • Dr. Ritu Mathur, Senior Fellow, TERI 

For more information on participating in this session, contact Manish Kumar Shrivastava, TERI


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