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EVENT REPORT: The IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report: What it means for a stronger and more inclusive Pakistan

To accompany the launch of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report and What’s in it for South Asia, CDKN and partner organisations hosted an event in Islamabad on August 11, 2014, to discuss what the report means for a stronger and more inclusive Pakistan, and how we can build upon research potential in the future.

Lead authors of the Fifth Assessment Report presented their findings for Pakistan and prompted a discussion on how Pakistan should respond. The debate concluded that the costs and frequency of climate-induced disasters are on the rise and there is an urgency to respond by mainstreaming climate change in national planning. Given serious capacity issues in the developing countries and the shared global impact of climate change, it would be best to respond through encouraging global cooperation and leadership. This would enable the developing world to overcome capacity constraints while also effectively responding to climate risks. Speakers also drew attention to a huge gap in the knowledge economy in Pakistan 
that needs to be filled to be able to contribute to future assessment reports.

The speakers also talked at length to an audience of young leaders on their research and contributions as part of the three IPCC Working Groups, and encouraged them to take responsibility for publishing research to influence policy and action.

Read the full event report here.


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