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EVENT: Stakeholder consultation on loss & damage: Issues and Concerns

As part of an ongoing project with the Government of Bangladesh to develop a work programme on loss and damage, a stakeholder consultation was held in Dhaka on 18th January 2012 to get inputs from stakeholders on the critical issues of concern for Bangladesh.

The purpose of the workshop was to consolidate ideas and generate additional feedback on loss and damage on the three thematic areas adopted by the draft decision of COP17. In particular, the workshop aimed to:

  1. Assess loss and damages associated with the adverse effects of climate change on agriculture, forestry, fisheries, land and water and other ecosystem services;
  2. Highlight on-going climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction efforts as well as their synthesis at various levels;
  3. To develop a shared understanding and workable approach on the thematic areas of loss and damage;
  4. To exchange experience and identify priorities of action at national level.

Read the workshop report to learn more about the discussions had and the inputs received by stakeholders.


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