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NEWS: Ethiopia engages with the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

Business as usual is simply not an option – a stance Ethiopia is taking seriously, as was made clear during the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report Outreach event, held at the [more]…

Observed temperature and rainfall in Africa maps

EVENT: Outreach on the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report in Ethiopia and Uganda

CDKN is collaborating with the Governments of Ethiopia and Uganda to bring the key messages of the Fifth Assessment Report to audiences at two events in August. The events, to be held in Kampala and [more]…


FEATURE: Are fossil fuels really a solution to energy poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Gracia Munganga, MAPS Africa Programme Manager at the Energy Research Centre (University of Cape Town), looks at the impact fossil fuels have on energy poverty alleviation in sub-Saharan Africa and how low-emission development pathways [more]…

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NEWS: Analysis of existing weather and climate information for Malawi

Climate science can support planners in making informed decisions on future investments aimed at optimising the use of scarce resources available to them. Yet there is a lack of evidence [more]…


OPINION: Africa Water Week: Climate resilient development in Africa needs to scale up to the strategic level

Klas Sandström, Team Leader at NIRAS, discusses the way forward for strategic water management as Africa Water Week kicks off today in Dakar, Senegal. Farmers in Kenya are struggling to cope [more]…


FEATURE: Making the business case for addressing climate change in Kenya

In Kenya as in many other places, businesses frequently say they are overwhelmed by the scope and complexity of many climate change issues. With CDKN support, the International Institute for Sustainable [more]…


OPINION: The Africa LEDS Partnership: five reasons why you should join

Caroline Spencer, Partnerships and Learning Co-ordinator at CDKN, reflects on the recent meeting of the Africa LEDS Partnership and sets out five reasons why membership is a ‘must have’ for [more]…


NEWS: Planning Commission sets priority actions for Pakistan's climate compatible development

 “Development has to be resilient, but more importantly it has to be responsible. These priority actions will assist us in taking ownership of responsible development and give us a guideline [more]…

Solar Aid

FEATURE: Market forces not the main driver of solar technology uptake in Kenya

Despite the potential benefits of low carbon energy technologies for assisting climate compatible development, international climate policy has largely failed to incentivise the transfer and uptake of these technologies in [more]…


FEATURE: New wind farms bode well for Ethiopia’s green growth strategy

Ethiopia’s ambitious strategy to move to a Climate-Resilient Green Economy (CRGE), with middle-income status and zero-net carbon emission by 2025, is well on its way with support from the Prime [more]…

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