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subsidy: desktop review

South Africa’s housing policy was launched in 1994 with a key component being the housing subsidy scheme which promised to deliver one million houses in five years. Since that date [more]…

Investigation into the delays in issuing title deeds to beneficiaries of housing projects funded by the capital subsidy

Recognising that subsidised houses in South Africa have limited potential to function as an asset without the provision of formal title, the report identifies the objective of ensuring that formal [more]…

Them belly full (but we hungry): Food rights struggles in Bangladesh, India, Kenya and Mozambique

This report synthesises the findings from the four country case studies produced for the Food Riots and Food Rights project. It is intended as a summary introduction to the main [more]…

Do informal land markets work for poor people?: an assessment of three metropolitan cities in South Africa: analysis of legislation

This paper seeks to determine what the effects of the regulatory system are on the ability of the urban poor to access, trade and hold land in South Africa. The paper [more]…

Added value. Added cost? Evaluation of Norwegian support through and to umbrella and network organisations in civil society

About five per cent of Norwegian support to civil society organisations is channelled via Norwegian umbrella and network organisations. These organisations serve as an intermediary between Norad and civil society [more]…

Impact of fertilizer use on weed management in conservation agriculture - a review

Intensive farming has been adopted to produce large amounts of food grains and cash crops but environment is being deteriorated at alarming rate also. Increased use of fertilizers, pesticides, chemical [more]…

Home based entrepreneurs

To understand why not many South Africans consider their house as an asset that can build wealth, and how the economic asset potential of housing can be promoted as a [more]…

Improving land sector governance in South Africa implementation of the land governance assessment framework

Land governance and administration are critical for achieving economic growth and development in any country. It is within this context that the World Bank introduced the Land Governance Assessment Framework [more]…

Towards effective state interventions to improve access by the poor to urban land markets

The main objective of this study is to investigate and discuss ways in which the state should intervene around urban land issues, within the context of its relationship to the [more]…

Re-examining identities and power: gender in peacebuilding in Colombia

As part of a four-country research project on gender in peacebuilding, this report examines the case of Colombia, where society has been deeply affected by both decades of armed conflict [more]…

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