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Coastal Ghana

POLICY BRIEF: Using climate information to achieve long-term development objectives in coastal Ghana and Mozambique

Accra, Ghana and Maputo, Mozambique face many development challenges, such as poor transport and drainage infrastructure, as a result of inadequate regulation and law enforcement. Climate change could lead to flooding and coastal erosion and will compound these challenges. Could better use of climate information in planning hold the answer? A new policy brief from the Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) programme and CDKN lays out some options. [more...]

Gender Equality and Climate Compatible Development – Drivers and challenges to people’s empowerment

Project Reference: RSGL-0039

This CDKN project aims to demonstrate the advantages of pursuing climate compatible development (CCD) from a gender-sensitive perspective. It addresses major knowledge gaps on the gender dimension of climate change mitigation, adaptation, and development, and aims to strengthen the evidence base in favour of gender-sensitive approaches. Research will demonstrate to what extent gender sensitivity will increase gender equality, paving the way for more effective climate compatible development and to help people to empower themselves. [more...]

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