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CDKN has developed a range of publications to aid decision makers in developing countries and those working in the field of climate compatible development:

1) Introduction to CDKN

Here we explain the climate related challenges being faced in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and how CDKN is working to help developing countries achieve integrated approaches to adaptation, mitigation and development.

2) CDKN guides

CDKN Guides provide an authoritative overview of an important issue in climate and development, cover the latest thinking and are aimed at a general development audience rather than the specialist.

3) CDKN working papers

CDKN working papers present the technical and scientific lessons learned though CDKN supported projects.

4) Outlook

CDKN’s quarterly newsletter ‘Climate and Development Outlook’ highlights CDKN’s projects around the world, featuring our work to support climate compatible development.

5) Policy briefs

CDKN Policy Briefs contain key policy recommendations for policy shapers, development practitioners and academics. Conclusions drawn from solid evidence and experience of climate and development issues.

6) Inside stories

CDKN Inside Stories are case studies of developing country experience in designing and delivering climate compatible development. The target audience includes policy makers, development practitioners and academics.

7) Tools for climate compatible development

In this section of the website we’ve assembled some key tools to assist you in finding the information you need to address a wide variety of climate compatible development challenges.

8) CDKN voices

The CDKN voices is a series of opinion pieces which have been written for CDKN either by one our of own experts, or by an expert in the field. The views expressed here are those of the author, and not necessarily those of CDKN.

9) ‘In conversation’ video series

CDKN have produced a selection of talking-head and video interviews with climate experts from around the world.  These videos cover a wide range of subjects and issues in the field of climate compatible development.

10) Recommended Reading from Eldis