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Climate change and poverty reduction

A new CDKN briefing guide, ‘Climate Change and Poverty Reduction’ by Simon Anderson of IIED, explores how climate change is making it increasingly difficult to achieve and sustain development goals. Anderson suggests some basic principles to guide policy-makers in locking in and achieving further development gains in a changing climate.

The report’s key messages are:

  • More variable climates are making it harder for the poor to climb out and stay out of poverty.
  • Stronger evidence is required on how climate makes poverty harder to eradicate.
  • For development to be climate-resilient, policy instruments to reduce poverty and enable adaptation must be integrated, and designed in a way that includes the climate-vulnerable poor.
  • Identifying how mitigation strategies can also reduce poverty and support adaptation is an important part of climate-resilient development.

Image courtesy Centre for International Tropical Agriculture.