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Asia is affected by all the issues relating to climate change. Many of its large and growing populations live in coastal and low lying areas where flooding will be worsened by changes in climate. The continent has pockets of rapid economic growth with surging greenhouse gas emissions. It has three of the top five emitting countries worldwide, and is home to two thirds of the world’s poor. Future planning is needed to increase the ability of vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change. Low-carbon energy alternatives are important to counter rapid increases in the use of coal and petroleum in electricity generation. Economic opportunities exist, for example through carbon markets. Opportunities also lie in harnessing the huge research capabilities of parts of the continent for the benefit of all. You can see a full list of our projects in Asia here.

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CDKN Asia Highlights


OPINION: Honey to the rescue in Indonesia

Partners for Resilience (PfR) member Kuswantoro, from Wetlands International-Indonesia Programme, reflects on new pathways for building resilience in Indonesia as part of a CDKN supported series of voices from the field. [more...]

credit SEEDS

REPORT: Local approaches to harmonising climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction: Lessons from India

In the disaster-prone arid zones of Barmer and Leh, India, climate change is exacerbating local vulnerability to disasters. This report looks at how best to overcome the challenges of integrating effective disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation into development planning and suggests how other communities can address similar challenges. [more...]

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