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Africa has contributed the least to historic greenhouse gas emissions, yet it is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change. It contains more climate-sensitive economies than other regions of the world. Many parts of the continent will suffer from falls in agricultural productivity, a rising number of people exposed to water and food stress, volatile hydropower resources, flooding of coastal settlements, and possibly a significant expansion of diseases.

Despite these challenges, decisive action on climate change is a development opportunity for Africa. Climate and development finance can be harnessed to catalyse new growth paths, and real growth opportunities exist in new, low-carbon technologies. There is a growing awareness of climate change in Africa, with several countries showing leadership in shifting to a climate compatible development agenda. Capacity and insight exists across the continent that when mobilised and supported will result in action on climate change that’s driven and owned by Africa. You can see a full list of our projects in Africa here.

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Solomon Islands

OPPORTUNITY: CDKN Climate Compatible Development Impact Research Fund (CIRF)

CDKN is looking to fund a range of projects as part of its newly launched climate compatible development Impact Research Fund. The projects will cover four thematic areas: robust national plans for climate compatible development transitions; subnational and urban transitions to climate compatible development; climate-related disaster risk management and adaptation; climate compatible development and the Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus [more...]

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