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Climate change and inland flooding in Jamaica: risk and adaptation measures for vulnerable communities

Flooding from extreme rainfall events is one of the major natural hazards affecting Jamaica and other small island states in the Caribbean. Jamaica has already experienced several major floods in [more]…


Climate impacts and resilience in Caribbean agriculture: Assessing the consequences of climate change on cocoa and tomato production in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica

Despite the importance of the agriculture sector, farmers throughout the Caribbean have limited information on the likely future impacts of climate change and the potential of their crops to withstand [more]…

caribbean boat

Identifying opportunities for climate compatible tourism development in Belize

Mangroves, coral reefs and seagrass beds are essential natural systems in Belize, but they have experienced serious decline in the last several decades. Climate change will place an additional stress [more]…


Assessing the potential impacts of climate change on Belize’s water resources

Very little is known about the potential impacts of climate change on Belize’s water resources, despite this being identified as a priority area of research for the country. To shed some [more]…


Participatory research to enhance climate change policy and institutions in the Caribbean: ARIA pilot tool

Some of the strongest efforts towards climate change adaptation and planning have taken place at the international and, to a more limited degree, at the community level. The result is [more]…

KMAF-0014 african learning project

Lessons from national climate compatible development planning in Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique and Ethiopia

African and developing country governments are increasingly calling for practical examples of how to advance climate compatible development and develop solutions relevant to country contexts. Many countries – including Kenya, [more]…

Paschal Bagonza, Radio Sapientia, Uganda interviewing Peter Muraya about Gachoire Girls schools biogas unit _ WRENmedia

Commissioning media coverage of climate and development – collaboration with WRENmedia

Journalists in East Africa face significant challenges to reporting on issues related to climate change including a lack of training in reporting strategies, difficulties coping with technical language, the complexity [more]…


Support to the Republic of Nauru as Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (year three of support)

This project aims to provide support to the Republic of Nauru, as Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), by providing funding for two key positions: Legal Adviser to the Chair [more]…


Carbon and water footprinting in three Andean cities

The three Andean cities of La Paz, Bolivia, Lima, Peru, and Quito, Ecuador are witnessing negative climate impacts first hand, particularly among the poorest communities. Greenhouse gas emissions from the [more]…

Ãngel M. Felicìsino

Strengthening Climate Change Policies in Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Sao Paulo

Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Mexico DF are the three central cities of the largest Latin America urban areas. They are an increasingly important source of greenhouse gases in each [more]…

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