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India irrigation

Knowledge management for Madhya Pradesh State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC)

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has finalised its State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) and is now preparing for its implementation. To support the relevant State Departments to put [more]…


Vulnerability and Risk Assessment to support implementation of the Uttarakhand Action Plan on Climate Change

Project Reference: TAAS-0036 Developing countries face huge challenges in balancing economic growth and incorporating climate resilience into development. Uttarakhand being a mountainous state is seen as more vulnerable to climate change. [more]…

Solar energy is used to light village shop. Sri Lanka. Photo: © Dominic Sansoni / World Bank

Designing a franchise model for conversion from diesel to renewable energy in rural India

A fourth of rural India lacks access to grid-connected electricity. There are 75 million households without access to any form of electricity. The reason for such low level of consumption is not [more]…


Climate displacement and resilience in vulnerable communities: A psychosocial approach in Manatí

Project: Growing up in Adversity: Resilience in Families Affected by the Winter. Reference Code: AAGL-0009h Total finance: £ 246,249 (£160,960 de CDKN) Current status: completed Timeframe: April 2012 – December 2013 Country: Colombia Executing agency: Universidad Del Norte Contact in executing agency: Lorenzo [more]…


Adaptation Plan for the Colombian Transport Sector

Project: Mainstreaming Climate Change into the Colombian Transport Sector Reference Code: TALA-0028a Total Finance: £ 433,989 Current status: ongoing project Timeframe: 21 December  2013 –  21 June 2014 Executing agency: GSD+ Contact in executing agency: Fabio Gordillo / Country: Colombia Project Manager: Liliana Ramos [more]…


Assessment of the effectiveness of micro disaster insurance in India

The east coast of India is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate-induced natural hazards like cyclones, flooding and erosion because of changes in the sea level. Coasts and [more]…


Economic assessment of the impacts of climate change in Uganda

With 80% of Ugandans dependent on rain-fed agriculture, which comprises over 60% of export earnings, the country is highly vulnerable to climate change. Recent erratic and unseasonal rainfall has already [more]…

strawberry pickers morroco

Adaptation Fund NIEs in Africa: Independent insight

National Implementing Entities (NIE’s) are seminal in allowing governments to access climate funding affording them the opportunity to implement adaptation projects that facilitate climate compatible development.  Developing countries are only [more]…

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Kenya’s geothermal NAMA

Only 17% of Kenyans are connected to the national electricity grid whilst Kenya faces a shortage of generation capacity. Accelerating the development of Kenya’s geothermal power capacity is a vital [more]…

kenya aerial copyright ciat

Future Climate For Africa scoping phase

Africa faces considerable challenges in adapting to the long-term impacts of climate change. Ensuring that policy-makers are able to respond to the medium- and long-term implications of climate change is [more]…

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