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Ensuring local access to the Green Climate Fund at the international and national level

Since the inception of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in August 2012, Dutch NGO Both ENDS and its Southern partners have actively participated in the GCF Board Meetings. The GCF [more]…

Gender Equality and Climate Compatible Development - Drivers and challenges to people’s empowerment

The international community has long agreed on the importance of making gender issues a core consideration in international and domestic policy processes. However, in practice, the gender dimension of development, [more]…


Climate compatible development in Peru through the identification and enablement of energy efficiency measures for business

Project name: Delivery of climate compatible development in Peru through the identification and enablement of energy efficiency measures for business, and the building of self-sustaining local implementation capacity Project Reference: AAGL-0047c Funding: £113,500 Timeframe: [more]…


Geothermal development drilling risk finance innovation in Kenya and Ethiopia

Geothermal developers, particularly in the early stages of developing a field, face high costs for field development coupled with high risks associated with resource exploration and development / appraisal drilling. [more]…

Darling Farm, by Warrenski

Testing synergies in distributed renewable village power in Africa

Rural Africa has a chronic lack of power inhibiting development and income growth, with less than 80% of rural populations having no access to electricity. However low population densities and [more]…

people and climate

Understanding public perceptions on climate change in Kenya

Little is known about how citizens perceive and understand climate change, in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. However, establishing ordinary people’s observations and opinions can help policy makers understand their [more]…


Business Partnerships programme

Businesses are critical to the challenge of reducing carbon emissions, adapting to the effects of a changing climate and creating green jobs and economic growth – together these can lead [more]…

India irrigation

Knowledge management for Madhya Pradesh State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC)

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has finalised its State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) and is now preparing for its implementation. To support the relevant State Departments to put [more]…


Vulnerability and Risk Assessment to support implementation of the Uttarakhand Action Plan on Climate Change

Project Reference: TAAS-0036 Developing countries face huge challenges in balancing economic growth and incorporating climate resilience into development. Uttarakhand being a mountainous state is seen as more vulnerable to climate change. [more]…

Solar energy is used to light village shop. Sri Lanka. Photo: © Dominic Sansoni / World Bank

Designing a franchise model for conversion from diesel to renewable energy in rural India

A fourth of rural India lacks access to grid-connected electricity. There are 75 million households without access to any form of electricity. The reason for such low level of consumption is not [more]…

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