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The Climate Finance Advisory Service

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The ability of developing country decision makers to leverage and channel climate finance is a critical part of making progress on planning for and implementing climate compatible development. Climate finance is a priority theme for CDKN.

The idea of a ‘Climate Finance Advisory Service’ (CFAS) has been developed to provide support to a broad group of developing country climate finance negotiators in a manner, which maximises learning and widens networks. The initiative is being supported by CDKN as a partnership between the research, knowledge management and advocacy fund outputs.

The Climate Finance Advisory Service Project

In the first phase of CFAS, the consortium delivered 2 related components:

1. An in situ rapid response service providing bespoke answers to the queries of climate finance negotiators and delegates, enabling them to participate more effectively in international negotiations related to climate finance (for example, during GCF and UNFCCC meetings)

2. Provision of technical policy briefs in advance of key climate finance negotiating sessions


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CDKN Funding: £150,000

Project Manager: Fran Walker

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