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PROJECT: Supporting the Government of Ethiopia with developing and refining climate finance pipeline proposals

Project Reference: TAAF-0065

CDKN has been providing close support to the Government of Ethiopia’s (GoE) Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation (MoFEC) and the CRGE Facility (within MoFEC) on climate finance readiness. An outcome of this support is the recent (March 2016) accreditation of MoFEC as a National Implementing Entity for both the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Adaptation Fund (AF). MoFEC is now eligible to develop and submit project proposals to both Funds and to implement them if they are approved.

This project will build on CDKN’s previous support in the development of various sector proposals for submission to the GCF. This will involve ensuring that support is given to the GoE to finalise and align the GCF natural resources proposal (developed under a previous project; TAAF-0063) with the results of a Feasibility Study that is being prepared by the UNDP Country Office. In addition, the project will support the preparation and finalisation of the Sustainable Cities proposal, developed under TAAF – 0063.

CDKN will also support the development of a ‘new’ proposal to be submitted to the Adaptation Fund. Moreover, should the need arise, CDKN will provide support for the refinement/improvement of the submitted proposals based on the feedback that is received by GCF and AF technical Advisory panel of experts.

Ethiopia Project Manager: Tesfaye Hailu

Regional Project Manager: Suzanne Carter

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