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Research on climate change, agriculture and food security in Africa

START is commissioning and managing research awards on the theme of climate change, agriculture and food security in Africa, with support from CDKN. The research call focuses on the sustainability of ecosystem services in Africa, and how these underpin human development.

The aims of the research call are to commission high quality, independent, policy-relevant and credible research to:

  • support policy making for sustainable development in the region;
  • build the capacities of regional research partners to conduct high level research;
  • create a platform for knowledge sharing at the regional level.

The US National Science Foundation and CGIAR’s Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) programme are co-funding the research call.

CDKN is supporting 16 awards on the implications of global environmental change for agriculture and food security in Africa, for a total value of £300,000. These 16 awards range from research on variable water security and its impact on African agriculture, to the productivity of forest ecosystems, to ecosystem services and future prospects for Africa’s drylands in a changing climate.

CDKN is also supporting START’s core costs and a regional learning forum.

For full details of the CDKN-supported research awards on climate change, agriculture and food security in Africa, download our pdf here. 

For more information on this project please contact Shehnaaz Moosa:

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