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Knowledge brokers collaboration: guiding people to relevant knowledge with the Climate Change Knowledge Navigator

Project Reference: KMGL-0040D

The rapid expansion and re-development of knowledge sharing platforms for climate and development has meant that users of climate knowledge are often unsure which services are most appropriate to their needs. This project will develop a web-based tool to guide users towards appropriate climate change information and knowledge brokers for accessing or sharing knowledge. It is envisaged that this tool will be embedded in existing knowledge brokers websites and portals as a widget.

The tool will provide knowledge brokers themselves with a clear picture of other brokers and intermediaries working in the climate change sector to enable them to link up more effectively and reduce duplication.

To ensure that the full range of services has been included, regional partners will conduct scoping exercises and a steering group of partners and other experts will produce a common set of criteria for inclusion of platforms to the tool.

Lead: Duncan Edwards (Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK)

CDKN funding: £71,000

Project Manager: Phil Lewis

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