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Amazonia Security Agenda – Phase II

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Project Reference: TALA-0041

This project will bring a water-energy-food (WEF) ‘nexus approach’ to analyse trade-offs across sectors and scales of governance; working closely with the national governments of Brazil, Colombia, and Peru to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increased understanding and awareness by the identified national government of policy gaps and governance challenges in managing WEF resource trade-offs in this part of Amazonia;
  • Increased commitment by national governments to proactively manage and optimise WEF resource trade-offs in Amazonia through the improved coordination of their development and climate adaptation plans; and
  • Increased awareness by selected national governments of the role of the private sector in impacting WEF resource trade-offs and opportunities to improve their engagement and involvement.

The project will be carried out in six months. Within this time period the following activities or outputs will be delivered:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan.
  • A report for Brazil, Colombia, and Peru analysing policy coherence, integration and coordination at multiple scales for managing WEF resources in Amazonia under climate change.
  • A case study on corporate sector behavior and expansion under different governance contexts in Amazonia and the opportunities for better managing future WEF trade-offs.

Funding: £133,910

Time Frame: October 2015 – March 2016

Project Manager: Michelle Leppert

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WEBINAR: Seguridad hídrica, energética, alimentaria en la Amazonía: retos y oportunidades

El nexo agua-energía-alimentos ha surgido como un concepto útil para analizar y comprender mejor las interconexiones e interdependencias entre los procesos de gestión y el uso de agua, energía y alimentos en los diferentes sectores y escalas de gobierno. En este webinar se compartirá la experiencia en la aplicación del marco nexo Agua-Energía-Alimentos en un análisis de coherencia transversal y vertical de políticas públicas en Brasil, Colombia y Perú.