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FEATURE: Building climate resilience is integral to continued prosperity in the Caribbean

The escalating cost of climate change to the Caribbean region makes a compelling argument for taking early action for adapting to climate change. An analysis of ten years of climate change research in the Caribbean found that sectors that are vital to regional economic and social development, including agriculture and tourism, are especially vulnerable to climate change and its impacts. Well-targeted measures to adapt will be essential. [more...]

INSIDE STORY: Opportunities for climate compatible coastal tourism – Lessons from Belize

Coastal tourism is an engine for Belize's economy, but faces grave threats from climate change. A CDKN-supported project used visual techniques including an interactive map to raise these stakeholders’ awareness of climate vulnerability and to deliberate solutions to the problem. This new 'Inside Story' tells how the team did it - and celebrates the achievement of policy results. [more...]

FILM: Cartagena – thriving in the face of climate change

A CDKN-commissioned film highlights how Cartagena’s communities, public and private leaders understand the challenge of developing Cartagena to deal with the current and future impacts of climate change. See Cartagena from a bird's eye, and ground-level view as never before. [more...]

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