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OPINION: Islamic Climate Declaration could energise Muslim communities for shared cause

Muslim communities from around the world have issued the Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change in Istanbul this month. Fachruddin Majeri Mangunjaya, Vice Chairman of the Centre for Islamic Studies, Universitas Nasional, Indonesia and Mochamad Indrawan, CDKN’s Indonesia policy advisor, report on the significance of the declaration, including for Indonesia’s 203 million Muslims. [more...]

FEATURE: Indigenous ‘Life Plans’ and carbon finance: two sides of the same coin?

In the early 1990s, environmentalists started experimenting with carbon finance to support conservation just as indigenous people of the Amazon began developing "Life Plans" to revive and support their traditions. A quarter century on, these two parallel initiatives have evolved in ways that are surprisingly complementary – so much so they're starting to converge, and in surprising ways. Christopher Pollon, Ann Espuelas and Steve Zwick report. [more...]