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FEATURE: From Paris to Marrakech – how Rwanda became a model for climate action

With the Paris Agreement entering into force, the world is turning its focus to climate action. The successful amendment of the Montreal Protocol in Kigali and Rwanda’s approach to climate action are examples the world can learn from when addressing the challenge of a warming planet. David Toovey, communications advisor, Rwanda's Green Fund takes a closer look. [more...]

OPINION: Climate finance options for National Climate Funds

The maturation of the international climate finance landscape is presenting country climate funds with the opportunity to access larger, more transformative capital. Charlotte Ellis and John Ward of Adam Smith International share lessons learned from Rwanda for maximising a national climate fund's potential to mobilise resources. [more...]

FEATURE: After accreditation for international climate funds…what next?

Charlotte Finlay, CDKN’s Head of Country Support reports from day 1 of the CDKN South-South learning exchange on “mobilising resources for climate compatible development,” which takes place in Kigali, Rwanda this week. The key message so far is that after countries get accredited to receive international climate funds, they face even greater challenges in developing ‘bankable projects’ for investment. [more...]

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