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POLICY BRIEF: Innovation for Climate Compatible Development for the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’

This briefing paper, Innovation for Climate-Compatible Development for the 'Bottom of the Pyramid', will discuss how to organize and advance technological innovation – and key aspects of innovation policies – to contribute to climate-compatible development for the ‘bottom of the pyramid,’ drawing on lessons and experiences from the literature as well as two specific application areas, household energy and rural electricity. [more...]

POLICY BRIEF: The Technology Mechanism under the UNFCCC: Ways Forward

This paper, The Technology Mechanism under the UNFCCC: Ways Forward, highlights the main opportunities that the Technology Mechanism established under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) may bring to the development and transfer of technologies and recommends ways forward for the success of the mechanism. [more...]

POLICY BRIEF: Innovation systems in developing countries

This paper, Innovation systems in developing countries, provides a review of what every developing-country policymaker should know about low-carbon innovation. It explains what is unique about low-carbon innovation, why low-carbon innovation systems matter, and in what ways they need to be strengthened. [more...]