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EVENT: From climate knowledge to climate action

CDKN's Chief Executive Sam Bickersteth will give the keynote presentation at SEI's Oxford seminar, followed by an interactive discussion on the ways climate knowledge can be used to catalyse action. Register today to join the event online on Tuesday 29 September. [more...]

EVENT: Knowledge for climate action – a manifesto for change

Join us in person or by livestream online today as the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group launches a 'Manifesto' to call for joined up action to meet the massive climate knowledge challenges ahead. The 'Manifesto' will set out key principles for how climate knowledge brokers can have greater impact and help turn knowledge into action. Livestream starts 10.30am UK time. [more...]

FEATURE: Insights from Climate Knowledge Brokers

Victoria Healey of the National Renewable Energy Lab and Sigmund Kluckner of the Climate Knowledge Brokers’ (CKB) Group explore the vital role that knowledge brokers play in catalysing debate on climate change - and they interview prolific U.S. colleague William Becker. The CKB Group has its public meeting and annual conference in Copenhagen from 22-24 June. [more...]

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