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FILM: Cartagena – thriving in the face of climate change

A CDKN-commissioned film highlights how Cartagena’s communities, public and private leaders understand the challenge of developing Cartagena to deal with the current and future impacts of climate change. See Cartagena from a bird's eye, and ground-level view as never before. [more...]

WEBINAR: Cities are moving ahead on climate compatible development

Maria Jose Pacha, CDKN's Knowledge and Networks Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, will provide insights into how city leaders are designing and delivering on climate compatible development. She will share experience and examples from ten CDKN-supported projects across the region. [more...]

OPINION: Making the Least Developed Countries Fund fit for purpose

The Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF), established more than a decade ago to support the world’s 48 poorest countries in responding to their climate change adaptation needs, is empty. Giza Gaspar Martins of Angola, Chair of the Least Developed Country Group of climate negotiators argues that the future of this fund must be secured. [more...]

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