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The first 'Exchange of Experiences and Dialogue on the Preparation and Implementation of National Adaptation Plans of Latin American countries' took place on 30 September, 2020. Twenty two representatives from eight Latin American countries took part, to learn about climate change adaptation experiences from each other. Daniel Morchain of IISD and María José Pacha of CDKN report. [more...]


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FEATURE: Postcard from Cancun - Knowledge sharing, capacity building and advocacy for adaptation and climate compatible development

A CoP16 side event on Thursday, 2nd December cast light on how knowledge about climate compatible development can be packaged to reach the development practitioners and communities who urgently need it. [more]…

FEATURE: Colombia tests forage crops against climate change

Colombia, with 24 million head of cattle, is showcasing two advances towards reducing the 13 percent of climate-changing gas emissions attributed to livestock production around the world. [more]…

FEATURE: Ethiopia, first carbon finance spreads green over highland

It has been decades since the people of the Humbo Woreda have been self-sufficient in food. A Clean Development Mechanism project - Ethiopia's first - is restoring the environment and sustaining livelihoods along with it. [more]…

FEATURE: Malawi - Richer soil first defense against climate change

Malawi has directed local government officials to develop local response strategies to the effects of climate change. [more]…

FEATURE: Why a focus on mitigation and adaptation conceals the real challenge of climate change

By Simon Maxwell, CDKN Chair Climate research and policy make extensive use of two concepts, ‘mitigation' and ‘adaptation'. And while these are a helpful starting point, a broader focus on 'climate [more]…

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