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OPINION: World Forestry Day reflections - what next for REDD+?

World Forestry Day on 21 March allows us to reflect on the many and varied benefits of forests to communities around the world. In a guest blog, Kristy Graham of the Overseas Development Institute looks at how the Cancun Agreement on REDD+ sought to safeguard the multiple benefits of forests, and discusses the challenges of integrating forests and REDD+ into low-carbon development strategies. [more]…

FEATURE: Postcard from Kuala Lumpur - Building resilience in a changing climate

Development workers, policy-makers and researchers met in Kuala Lumpur at a CDKN-sponsored conference to explore how Asian societies are building resilience to climate-induced change. [more]…

NEWS: CDKN's annual partner survey - results are in

Read the findings from CDKN's annual partner survey, with feedback on our products and services, performance and the experience of working with CDKN. [more]…

FEATURE: Postcard from Cancun - an Asian view

Pakistan's delegation proposed an alternative definition of climate vulnerability at CoP16 in Cancun, supported by CDKN's Asia team. [more]…

FEATURE: In conversation... with Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, CDKN Asia Director

Transcript Simon Maxwell: Ali you're the Regional Director for Asia of the CDKN. How do you see the problem of linking climate change and development in your region? Ali Tauqeer Sheikh: We [more]…

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