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FEATURE: Hotter future in store for Tanzania and Malawi

Two new briefs published by the Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) programme highlight future climate projections for Tanzania and Malawi, using the latest results from 34 of the world’s leading climate models. The briefs, written by an international team of climate scientists, aim to help the countries plan better for climate change. [more]…

NEWS: Report equips African decision-makers with new climate science

Africa’s climate is one of the least-researched and poorly understood, but a new report provides reliable scientific information about the continent’s changing climate, equipping decision-makers to plan better. Africa’s Climate: Helping decision-makers make sense of climate information is the first major programme-wide report to emerge from Future Climate for Africa. [more]…

FEATURE: Using climate services for more climate-resilient planning and policy-making in Malawi

A pilot study of the Future Climate for Africa looks at the current nature of climate-resilient planning and policy-making and the extent to which climate services are currently engaged in Malawi. [more]…

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NEWS: Analysis of existing weather and climate information for Malawi

A recent project report from the Future Climate for Africa Programme reviews the available information for Malawi’s current climate and projected future variability. [more]…

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