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This issue focuses on the contribution of the transport sector to Ethiopia's Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), as well as an overview of Ethiopia's Nature-Based Solution for climate change adaptation. [more...]

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Review of Key National and Regional Policies and Incentives to Support Adaptation and Adaptive Capacity in the Agricultural Sector

Adaptation to climate change impacts is increasingly recognised as a priority for policy-making. This paper specifically examines the types of policies and measures that are being considered, designed and implement... [more]…

Rural Africa at the crossroads: livelihoods, practices and policies

Rural Africa at the crossroads: livelihoods, practices and policies [more]…

In conversation with... Shepard Zvigadza, Zero Regional Environment Organisation, Zimbabwe

CDKN speaks to Shepard Zvigadza from Zero Regional Environment Organisation about the road to adaptation in Zimbabwe. [more]…

In conversation with... Yacoube Deme, Near East Foundation, Mali

CDKN speaks to Yacoube Deme of the Near East Foundation about the Foundation's work supporting agricultural resilience in water-scarce Mali and the urgent need to adapt to the already tangible effects of climate change. [more]…

Agricultural Technology for development

The return of high food prices and the need to adapt to climate change have revived interest in agricultural technologies adapted to smallholders, in particular women. Sustainable intensification of smallholder pro... [more]…

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