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The CDKN and ICCCAD team has woven together the ‘Voices from the Frontline’ stories into a colourful synthesis publication: Voices from the Frontline of Covid-19: What can we learn about achieving the SDGs at community level? [more...]

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INFORMATION BRIEF: Financing climate resilience in the water sector

Specialist climate finance is becoming increasingly important in the Caribbean. The water sector is in a prime position to benefit from a number of global climate funds available to support countries in their efforts to increase climate resilience. [more]…

REPORT: Achieving development resilient to climate change – A sourcebook for the Caribbean water sector

The Caribbean is exposed to both current climate variability as well as future climate changes. The economic, social and environmental impacts experienced during recent climate hazards such as hurricanes, floods and droughts highlight the need for action to reduce risks to acceptable levels. [more]…

POLICY BRIEF: Achieving water, energy and food security in Indonesia

This policy brief explored the challenges facing Indonesia’s national and provincial governments in achieving both development and environmental goals. [more]…

Climate resilient development: experience from an African capacity development programme

Climate resilient development: experience from an African capacity development programme [more]…

POLICY BRIEF: Improving sustainable commodity supply chains in Amazonia

This policy brief looks at new methods of decoupling the agricultural commodity supply chains from deforestation in Amazonia. [more]…

CDKN Partner Resources

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CCMCC Bangladesh Findings 2017

Two research projects working in Bangladesh around issues of water – at different scales and in different contexts – called for improved conflict-sensitiveness of natural resource policies in the country. These included a call for regulation of land use change and wide-ranging participation.

Reality of Resilience: 2016–17 drought in East Africa

This report draws on key informant interviews conducted with humanitarian and development actors, donors and forecasters to present lessons on using forecasts to trigger early action for humanitarian and development practitioners.

Gendered vulnerabilities to climate change: Insights from the semi-arid regions of Africa and Asia

Understanding vulnerability to climate change from a gendered perpective requires moving beyond numbers of men and women to unpacking relations of power, and inclusion and exclusion in decision-making.

Reality of Resilience: perspectives of the 2015–16 drought in Ethiopia

This report highlights lessons from the 2015–16 drought in Ethiopia, including how and why different communities were impacted, effective approaches to resilience building and challenges faced.

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