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Ethiopia: NDC Highlights newsletter

This issue of Ethiopia's NDC Highlights newsletter focuses on the country's Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system for climate action. [more]…

FILM: Adaptation Voices - Dr Youba Sokona, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

In an interview with CDKN, Dr Youba Sokona of the IPCC shares his hopes that increased interest in climate change from African political leaders, scientists and academics will accelerate adaptation action and lead to greater climate resilience. [more]…

FILM: Adaptation Voices - Claire Nasike Akello, Hummingbird Foundation and Greenpeace Africa

Young people are channeling their energies into ecological farming and land restoration, in self-help efforts to provide food security and create decent work - says Claire Nasike Akello, founder of Kenya’s Hummingbird Foundation and an environmental campaigner for Greenpeace Africa, in an interview with CDKN. [more]…

FILM: Adaptation Voices - Dr Jacqueline Uku, Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association

“We will lose biodiversity and we do not even know what we had in the first place” – Dr Jacqueline Uku has told CDKN. She urges ecosystem monitoring and protection in the face of climate change. [more]…

FILM: Adaptation Voices - Ronald Mukanya, Government of the Western Cape, South Africa

Ronald Mukanya, Director of Sustainability for the Government of the Western Cape and a climate finance specialist, shares his insights on Africa's climate adaptation potential, including blended finance solutions. [more]…

CDKN Partner Resources

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Tracing back to move ahead: a review of development pathways that constrain adaptation futures

This paper assesses urbanisation in Bangalore, and India's agricultural policies, and identifies triggers of change in local and regional development that have led to adaptation-constrained spaces.

An app for Ghana’s agriculture & adaptation

To support extension officers, community development workers, researchers and students in Northern Ghana, ASSAR developed a mobile app for sharing adaptation knowledge and information. Watch the video to learn more.

Decentralising climate finance: insights from Kenya and Ethiopia

This paper explores different mechanisms for delivering climate finance at the local level, with examples from Ethiopia and Kenya. It aims to understand how well these funds take into account the priorities of local communities, and incorporate national climate change policies and development plans.

Theatre of the Oppressed: adaptation

Theatre is a powerful tool for sharing perspectives, breaking down barriers, and fostering co-creation of ideas. This film shows a 'Theatre of the Oppressed' performance, scripted by Oxfam's Daniel Morchain, at the global conference Adaptation Futures 2018.

Pastoralism, Adaptation and Conflict in Africa Drylands

This policy brief takes a look at the adaptation interventions being promoted in African drylands, where excluded groups – including pastoralists – may lead to conflict and could hinder the effectiveness of such interventions.

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