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The CDKN and ICCCAD team has woven together the ‘Voices from the Frontline’ stories into a colourful synthesis publication: Voices from the Frontline of Covid-19: What can we learn about achieving the SDGs at community level? [more...]

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INSIDE STORY: Strengthening climate resilience - the case of Grenada

This Inside Story describes how Grenada is a highly climate-vulnerable Small Island Developing State is using its Strategic Program for Climate Resilience (SPCR) to set the country on a path to mainstream climate resilient poverty reduction and sustainable development, through multilateral finance and technical support. [more]…

May newsletter: Bringing climate change disaster planning into the boardroom

CDKN's May newsletter which presents the 'Tackling Exposure' report and Simon Maxwell's review of the World Bank's paper on green growth. [more]…

GUIDE: Tackling exposure: placing disaster risk management at the heart of national economic and fiscal policy

The CDKN Guide to Tackling Exposure considers whether economic and fiscal planning at national levels can reduce exposure to disasters, before considering the necessary steps countries must take to achieve economic development in a more climate-resilient way. [more]…

In conversation with.... Dr. Tom Mitchell, CDKN's special advisor on disaster risk reduction

Dr. Tom Mitchell, Head of Climate Change at the Overseas Development Institute, is CDKN's special advisor on how best to support developing countries to strengthen resilience through climate-related disaster risk management. In this video, he discusses the three main ways CDKN helps developing countries with the disaster risk planning. [more]…

In conversation with... Dr Tom Mitchell, Overseas Development Institute

CDKN talks to Dr. Tom Mitchell, Head of Climate Change at the Overseas Development Institute and Coordinating Lead Author on the IPCC SREX report, about the findings of the report, and how these have been interpreted for regional policy makers by the CDKN report series “Managing Climate Extremes and Disasters: Lessons from the IPCC SREX Report”. [more]…

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