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Climate Change and Bangladesh | D.Net

This Government of Bangladesh produced report discusses that the fate of Bangladesh and its people are directly linked to both mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Crucial actions are identified as: • bringing the United States on board and p... [more]…

Analysing the scope for raising adaptation finance from the CDM

A levy on the Clean Development Mechanism and other carbon trading schemes is a potential source of finance for climate change adaptation. An adaptation ... [more]…

A methodology for investigating regional vulnerability to climate change in combination with other global stressors.

There is growing recognition in the human dimensions research community that climate change impact studies must take into account the effects of other ... [more]…

Alternative development strategies for funding the wind power industry in Australia

The wind power industry in Australia is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade, primarily due to a forthcoming expanded national renewable energy ... [more]…

PRESENTATION: Proposed Research Approach

This presentation outlines the proposed research agenda for the CDKN. It notes four key areas of work: impacts, responding to a changing climate, evaluating climate compatible development, and understanding policy processes. [more]…

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