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POLICY BRIEF: Is REDD+ an opportunity to support climate compatible development in developing countries?

This policy brief looks at whether the new policies that have emerged to provide developing countries with international finance in order to implement REDD+ offer new opportunities to support climate compatible development. [more]…

POLICY BRIEF: Moving forward on climate change planning - lessons from Orissa

In this brief, Merylyn Hedger and Virinder Sharma look at Orissa, the first Indian state to produce a climate change action plan (CCAP). This policy brief outlines the process that produced the CCAP in just six months. [more]…

POLICY BRIEF: Defining climate compatible development

Climate compatible development goes one step further by asking policy makers to consider ‘triple win’ strategies that result in low emissions, build resilience and promote development simultaneously. [more]…

Introducción a la CDKN


PRESENTATION: Proposed Research Approach

This presentation outlines the proposed research agenda for the CDKN. It notes four key areas of work: impacts, responding to a changing climate, evaluating climate compatible development, and understanding policy processes. [more]…

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