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Yield and Water use efficiency of Potato varieties

An experiment was conducted in farmer’s field in the village of Arazi Postompur under sadar thana of Thakurgaon district to study the effect of different irrigation regimes on the yield and yield contributing characters of high yielding potato varieties namely BineIla, Cardinal, Chamak and Heera. The experiment was laid out in split plot design and replicated thrice. Among all the varieties Chamak was found to be superior in respect of tuber yield followed by Heera, BineIla and Cardinal under the different irrigation regimes. Treatment IW/CPE ratio of 1.00 was found the best among the different IW/CPE ratios tried, yielding maximum which was significantly different from other treatments with 5- rounds of irrigations applied at Stalinization, Tuberization, Bulking and Ripening stages of crop growth.