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Working together for REDD+: developing a national readiness strategy in Tanzania

Forests are of critical importance to the livelihoods of rural and forest-dependent communities in Tanzania, as well as to the country’s national economy. However, much of Tanzania’s vast forested area is characterised by high rates of deforestation. This ‘Inside story on climate compatible development’ by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network argues that future REDD+ funds may provide new sources of revenue to incentivise the protection of forests and their ecosystem services, improve forest management practices and support livelihoods. The brief examines the benefits, costs and complexities of working collaboratively within governments and across sectors to get ready for REDD+ and generate the necessary knowledge, skills and buy-in. It reveals the technical, financial, institutional and political obstacles that Tanzania has overcome – and those that it still needs to – before it can successfully access the benefits of REDD+.