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Winds of Change: India’s Emerging Climate Strategy

India’s approach to climate change has shifted dramatically in the span of a few years. India has developed a comprehensive climate change program domestically and has adopted a new stance in the international negotiations that has earned it the reputation of being a ‘deal maker’. The authors argues that this shift in India’s climate change strategy can be understood if seen in the context of India’s economic and development aspirations and the changes occurring in the larger geopolitical landscape: India’s desire to play a strategically important role in a new global order as well as deal with domestically critical issues like energy security and energy access, all coalesce with the climate issue. By engaging proactively on climate change, India may be able to advance all of these objectives at once. However, to succeed, it must demonstrate that action on climate change does not come at the expense of economic growth or development goals, and that these can go hand in hand.