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West African power pool: planning and prospects for renewable energy

IRENA has developed a new power sector planning tool for Western African countries, called ECOWAS Renewable Energy Planning (EREP), and has used it to create a renewable energy promotion scenario for continental ECOWAS countries. This report includes the following findings: renewable technologies in the region could increase from the current 22% of electricity generation to as much as 52% in 2030; nearly half of the envisaged capacity additions between 2010 and 2030 could be with renewable technologies; mini-hydro generation technology could become significant for supplying rural electricity demand, so that by 2030, nearly 80% of rural electricity demand could be met by the technology; total investment required in the region would amount to nearly USD 170 billion; the share of renewable energy technologies in 2030 could be substantially higher than the regional target of 31% of on-grid power production from renewables by 2030; and hydro generation alone could account for 33% of the total generation.