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Using climate information to support adaptation planning and policy-making: a step-by-step guide

This guide describes how weADAPT can be used together with the Climate Information Portal (CIP) to quickly and easily access climate data for many locations across Africa, using an interactive map. By linking the two portals, users are able to see climate data context and find data to support their own research, project planning or policy design in a specified place or area.

The document offers a step-by-step guide to using the linked resources through weADAPT and CIP, including: defining the question; searching nearby climate stations and uploaded data; historical data accessed through CIP; future projections from 10 different models; similar issues elsewhere; and how to upload data. The steps are retraced in a case study based in Cape Town, South Africa – the question being whether agricultural land should be rezoned to housing. The results show arguments for and against, and knowledge gaps are identified.