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Understanding relationships between biodiversity, carbon, forests and people: the key to achieving REDD+ objectives. A global assessment report

The relationships between biodiversity, carbon, forests and people are complex and interdependent. Reducing the rates of global deforestation and forest degradation will yield substantial gains for climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation, and under appropriate conditions, it could also achieve significant social and economic gains. This paper argues that should biodiversity and human wellbeing not be given sufficient consideration in REDD+ activities, there is a significant risk that REDD+ may fall short in achieving its objectives. To ensure that goals are met, it is important to understand the underlying scientific premises, the relationships between carbon, biodiversity and people and how these are affected by management, as well as the broader governance context which frames REDD+. This report aims to further this understanding by providing recent and policy-relevant scientific information to support decision-making on activities for meeting REDD+ objectives.