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The private sector in the REDD+ supply chain: trends, challenges and opportunities

Effective private sector engagement is essential for REDD+ success. Nevertheless, little has been done to identify key private sector actors and the trends of their current involvement in REDD+ initiatives. This report presents findings from a three-year REDD+ capacity building initiative which explored the role of the private sector in REDD+. Using the REDD+ supply chain as an analytical framework, the study identifies several promising strategies for enhancing private sector participation and investment in REDD+. These include: increasing the demand for REDD+ credits in compliance markets; allowing private stakeholders to receive direct performance-based payments under a nested framework; and promoting greater collaboration between the public and private sectors. The success of these strategies, however, depends on an enabling policy and regulatory framework. Finding effective ways to incorporate extractive industries into the REDD+ supply chain is also critical.