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The Economics of Climate Change in the Pacific

The Pacific region is particularly vulnerable to climate change because of its unique geography and environment, the fragility of its economic structure, its distinctive demographics, and the interactions between these different factors. This study aims to estimate the range of potential economic impacts of climate change for specific sectors and for overall economies of the region under various emissions scenarios. There are three components:
1.    Climate modelling, presents a high-resolution simulation of future climate over the Pacific region by dynamically downscaling global climate data using a regional climate model to generate locally relevant climate information. 
2.    Sector impact assessment, quantifies the potential sectoral impacts of climate change in the Pacific on agriculture, fisheries, tourism, coral reefs, and human health. 
3.    Economic impact assessment, employs an economic modelling framework that integrates a set of climate projections and physical impacts to provide estimates of the potential economic impact of climate change for a given area.