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Synergies between REDD+ and adaptive capacity to climate change at the local level – a Ghana case study

This case study uses the Local Adaptive Capacity (LAC) framework developed by the African Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) to compare how REDD+ strategy opinions may impact LAC. It analyses not only how REDD+ may affect the provision of assets necessary for adapting to climate change, but also the role of REDD+ in building processes and functions that develop the adaptive capacity of people at the local level.
To assess whether Ghana’s developing REDD+ strategies are likely to be beneficial to the adaptive capacity of Ghana’s rural and forest communities, we will review potential and proposed policies and initiatives against the five key aspects of LAC, comparatively analysing whether they contribute to climate change adaptation or are potentially maladaptive. This case-study is primarily a literature review, covering peer-reviewed journals, official government strategies and grey literature.