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Strategy IV: Caring for Environment and Tackling Climate Change | USAID

Section 5.4.4. of the National Strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction (NSAPR), ‘Tackling Climate Change for Poverty Reduction’, establishes a framework for incorporating climate change into national policies. Adaptation measures are identified according to whether they are sectoral (e.g., improved agricultural varieties), multi-sectoral (e.g., improved watershed and coastal zone management), or cross-sectoral (e.g., public awareness, climate research, and data collection). The section notes that: - The Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Environment and Forest should coordinate efforts to support all other sectoral ministries in their efforts to incorporate adaptation to climate change in NSAPR II - each ministry needs to strength the coordination, networks and information flows between ministries, different levels of government and civil society to have a more efficient integration of climate change variables into poverty reduction and development strategies.