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SIDS-focused green economy: an analysis of challenges and opportunities

The movement towards a green economy is seen as a critical pathway to achieving sustainable development. More importantly, it is an opportunity for investments in green industries, job creation and improvements in human welfare. In this synthesis report, five development sectors for small island developing states (SIDS) – small-scale fisheries and aquaculture, water, tourism, energy and solid waste – are analysed in an attempt to show how a transition to a green economy can assist in addressing some of the most critical challenges SIDS face while conserving resources. The paper highlights that these sectors are not only inter-related, but also reflect the SIDS’ challenges as they relate to land and water scarcity, dependence on imported energy, high costs associated with waste management and the vulnerability and fragility of the tourism sector. The report seeks to show how a transition to a green economy can contribute to advancing sustainable development in SIDS.